Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I LOVE Trash TV!

I have become incresingly addicted to "My Kid's a Star". I love how these poor deluded parents think that by some stretch of the imagination that their kids can become famous.

On last week's episode there was a guest appearence by the Veronicas, which had one of the female teenage contestants orgasming on the spot. I got the feeling she was a huuuuuuuuuge fan. And then tonight Allysa-Jane Cook appeared giving the kids acting tips. It's hard to keep a straight face while watching this program, especially with Cameron Daddo hosting. His career went down the shitter rather quickly. What a fall from grace. I remember when he had a huge American career in front of him, having scored a gig on Melrose Place or Models Inc or something or other. At least he never had to appear in a Zoot Review ad or a Jo Beth Taylor video like his brothers though, so I think we can forgive him for that.

MY KID'S A STAR: Ch:9, Wednesday 7:30pm

I'm also loving Gladiators. Although it seriously lacks Mike Whitney and Tania Zaetta. The hilarious thing is trying to watch Olympia be bitchy. I don't think Tatiana has a bitchy bone in her body. I do love the costumes and the random makeup. My faves have to be Amazon, with that rediculous mohawk and Viper. The random blue wig is a fabulous touch.

GLADIATORS: ch:7, Sunday 6:30pm

Thursday, April 17, 2008


I'm sorry I have to do this! I'll never get to do it again!

I wanted to take a moment to share with everyone out there in cyberspace this pure gem of a Logie Awards speech from the fabulous Natalie Blair when she won best new talent a couple of years back!

MTV's push for a dykalicious pash at the AMVA's on April 26th

The MTV Australia Awards are in 9 days and to be honest no one seems to even give a shit. I know I won't be home next Saturday night, I'll be off at a friend's Madonna "Hard Candy" Launch party and won't even have time to give a shit about the awards.

Having said that, I read with great amusment this morning in the Herald Sun that the organizers of the awards are trying to setup a reenactment of the infamous Madonna/Britney pash at the MTV Awards in 2003! Only this time it'll be between everyone's favourite MTV VJ Ruby Rose and Jess from the Veronicas! Hmmmmm, we all know that they've both already been there and done that last month when they got pissed and pashed at the Cleo Batchelor of the Year after party! Surely they organizers could find 2 new people to engage in this?

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Who Killed Sam? Part 2

Well last night poor Martha was arrested! They just can't do that, despite evidence that suggests otherwise. We all know Martha would never do such a thing!!!

Anyway, last night some forensic evidence came back, so the note was written on a pad from Martha's place (well actually it's not Martha's place, it's Roman's and I'm sure he referred to it as Martha's place!) and a random strand of Martha's hair was found in Sam's car. Again, this kind of doesn't prove a thing, as the hair could've been on someone else and fell off the clothing by the real person who planted the note.

I'll be interested to watch tonight, but either Sam wrote the note herself (well she WAS upstairs when Martha sprung her in the apartment) and swiped some of Martha's hair (ewwww) and planted it all in the car to set Martha up, or it was all Roman's doing. He killed Sam, then wrote the note, but had some of Martha's hair on his clothing which came off when he planted the note.

Or perhaps Sam and Roman are/were somehow involved together and the death was an accident?

Dannii's Diary from the Great walk to Beijing walk

Well...This Is It. I am embarking on a life changing journey that involves Cancer - but this is the first one I have chosen! I have had family and many friends who have survived this disease, and two dear friends that I have lost. Cancer seems to be more and more a part of everyone's life. Why? - I want to scream as loud as I can.

Everyone taking part in Great Walk to Beijing is on a personal mission - survivors, medics and others like me who have seen in close quarters this devastating illness.

Two flights from Melbourne I end up at the beautiful Ritz Carlton in Beijing. After checking in and meeting a few of the team, we hear a famous Jamaican called AJ singing in the lobby...but opera! It wasn't exactly what I was expecting to hear on my first visit to China....but it was "a yes from me" - this guy moves us with his vocal ability.

I ask him if he will join us on the walk, come meet Olivia and sing for her too. Apparently the wheels are in motion for AJ to meet us on the wall - so before I have even made my first sponsored steps, I have recruited a random.

A welcome nights sleep in a bed that is like a cloud, then we are up early to depart Beijing - a city of 16 million people with smog thick enough it cuts the view of the sun.

Our first flight lands in Xian. We touch down briefly enough to reboard a flight to Jiayuguan. We are now in Western China in a desert city that seems positively deserted.

After two days of non stop travel, I am over air transport and can't wait to get my walking boots on a ‘Get physical'!

Love and Dim Sum from Disco Dannii in China x

Tip of the day: carry toilet paper - you will never find that in the public toilets

Fact of the day: 8 is a lucky number and 'Eggplant' is what they say in Chinese when they take happy snaps - like we say "cheese"

Weigh In: 48.5kilos

(with thanks to the Herald Sun for the post)

Friday, April 11, 2008

Shane Warne gets a small dose of karma

Cricket legend Shane Warne has crashed his luxury Mercedes into a Melbourne tram — and a local man caught it on camera.
Warne was travelling through a roundabout at Middle Park, in inner Melbourne, about 5pm yesterday when his black Mercedes crashed into the 112 city-bound tram.
Video footage of the incident was captured by local resident Tim Rose and obtained by National Nine News

Mr Rose said he heard the tram's bell ring from his nearby flat followed by the sound of screeching brakes and then a loud crash.
"I was just filming my three-month old boy Toshan and heard the ding, ding, ding and the crash," the Daily Telegraph newspaper quoted him saying.
"That's when I looked up and saw Shane Warne's car, the Mercedes, spin out of control.
"He brought it to a halt, just missing a car that was parked."
Mr Rose's own video footage records his surprised reaction when he discovers the driver's identity. "I think it's Shane Warne," he says after zooming in on the accident scene.
Warne is seen exchanging details with the tram driver and giving him an autograph.

"He spoke to the tram driver, gave his autograph and drove off," Mr Rose said.
A spokeswoman for Warne confirmed to The Age newspaper the cricketer was involved in a crash where a "tram ran into the back of him".
But a Yarra Trams spokesman told the newspaper that trams have the right of way on roundabouts.

Mr Rose, a Hare Krishna devotee, said he plans to sell shards of Warne's broken brake lights on an online auction and give the proceeds to a Krishna food charity.
There was no damage to the tram and no one was injured in the incident, but it did result in a five-minute delay for trams on the 112 route.


Thursday, April 10, 2008

Appreciating: Bec Cartwright's stunningly poptastic album!

I admit it. I'm not afraid to say that I love myself some Bec Cartwright! This album is totally poptastic, 3 smash-hit singles were released from this CD, and honestly it had the potential to be so much more. As a result, I wanted to take this oppertunity to upload the album for you so you can all appreciate this little gem. I believe the CD is out of print, hence my uploading of the CD, however if it turns out that it IS still in print, then I am quite happy to remove the link.

It was released in Australia on June 16th 2003 and featured the 3 smash-hit singles All Seats Taken, On The Borderline and A Matter of Time. My personal favourite on the CD however is the popalicious "Drive By" which I think is criminal it wasn't released!

The videos were equally poptastic All Seats Taken featured Bec dancing around a bowling alley, On The Borderline looked like a scene out of BMX Bandits or something, and A Matter of Time, which is my personal fave shows Bec wandering around Sydney Airport looking lost. At least I assume it's Sydney Airport. I can't imagine Bec going overseas specifically to shoot a video in an airport. You can see the video below:

Overall, Bec shows us what pure, fun pop is all about!

I pray to God on a daily basis that The Bec will release a followup album, but since Lleyton seems to be the kind of person who likes to be in control, I very much doubt this is going to happen. Perhaps one day she'll return to Home and Away!

Bec Cartwright: Tracklisting

01. On The Borderline
02. All That Glitters
03. A Matter of Time
04. All Seats Taken
05. Meant To Be
06. Drive By
07. What's Got Into You?
08. Falling
09. Need a Little Love
10. He's Yours

Holly Brisley's stunning comeback... as a cartoon character

It's a shame we won't get to physically see the sexpot that is Holly Brisley, however it is nice to know that she's not out of work since she was last spotted on Home and Away in a brief cameo earlier in the year.

Holly will be playing one of four main characters in the cartoon and voice recording finished in December, followed by screening next year.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Support the Aussie Entertainers on Livvy's 'Great Wall of China' walk thingie!

Get behind your favourite Aussie celebrity and sponser them to help find a cure for cancer! Watch as such celebs such as Joanna Griggs, Angela Bishop, Annalise Braakensiek, Samantha Reilly and Richard Wilkins to name a few take on the Great Wall!

Of course, if you want to sponser Dannii on this walk, she's being a traitor and walking alongside 'Team UK'. Or maybe she was dumped in the 'Team UK' team because Australia has enough walkers and no one really wants to listen to her promoting her upcoming release. As much as I love Dannii, I don't think I could cope spending the whole day walking alongside her going on about "now, Nathan has confirmed that my latest CD, Club Disco is released on April 19th, however my Australian record company, Centeral Station are confirming a release date of May 9th!"

Although, it is great to see that Dannii is the 5th most sponsered celebrity overall!

Flop Tart Natalie Imbruglia - First look at her new movie

HER hair might be a mousy brown mess and in need of deep conditioning, but Natalie Imbruglia's role in South Australian-made movie Elise is still likely to turn heads.

The first official picture of the new-and-improved, twice-as-serious Imbruglia has been released ahead of a marketing push for the Cannes Film Festival next month.

Given that work is continuing on the film's editing and soundtrack, it's unlikely that the production company, Essential Pictures, will be showing anyone more than a few clips of the $2.4 million movie at Cannes.

But it'll be hoping Imbruglia's popularity as a singer helps it stitch up international deals.

Elise is an adaptation of Adelaide author Georgia Blain's novel, Closed for Winter, and was shot over five weeks late last year.

Imbruglia plays the withdrawn and quiet Elise Silverton.

- From The Herald Sun

The Kyle Sandilands vs Rove plot thickens.

It has emerged today in a Melbourne newspaper, that the outburst by Kyle on Sydney radio the other day may very well have been prompted by the rumour circulating that Rove had a brief fling with Tamara "Splinter" Jabar before Rove hooked up with Belinda Emmett! Of course, this claim comes from a "source" close to Rove who of course denies any kind of relationship with Tamara (I would too...), and Kyle claims that Tamara is not the reason why he dislikes Rove so much.Kyle reckons it's because he (Kyle) made a comment at one point he wanted to do a late night TV show and as a result Rove instantly disliked him. I'm sure that's reason enough to dislike someone. Maybe Roves thinks the same as the rest of Australia? Kyle's a fuckwit that NOBODY likes. Personally I'm sure Tamara doesn't like him much, except that maybe he's a dynamo in the sack or is really good at oral?

Rove on the otherhand is too much of a gentlemen!

Dannii's Club Disco - Released May 3rd! Central Station Records Confirms!

Nathan Confirmz is wrong yet again, and as usual he tries to tell you otherwise. According to CS, the release date is officially May 3rd. I love Nathan really, but at the end of the day I think he needs to try and remember that all he is is Dannii's webmaster, NOT her manager, NOT her PA, her webmaster and a good friend. If he wants to be more influential, I suggest he goes and talks to William Baker and see if he can get some ideas.

However, back to the topic at hand. It's going to be quite an exciting couple of months for Dannii, at the moment she's off wandering around China somewhere, last week she was seen with her tits hanging out while in America joining Kylie on the promotional trail for her album X, PLUS when Dannii gets home to Australia, not only has she got a new album out, she's going to be a busy little beaver by going on the promotional trail, performing on national TV (rumoured to be the finale of It Takes Two AND Dancing With The Stars and singing the Livvy classic, Xanadu) but it's not all, she'll be back reprising her role as judge on the craptacular TV Show 'Australia's Got Talent'

PHEW! Dannii's going to be such a busy girl she's gonna need 6months holiday after all this!

You can check out the Pop Trash Addicts Blog for the hilarious interview Mikey had with some guy from CS Records in regards to Club Disco, AKA Club Dildo.

The tracklisting is follows:

01. TOUCH ME LIKE THAT with Jason Nevins
02. FEEL LIKE I DO (JCA Remix)
03. PERFECTION with Soul Seekerz
04. YOU WON'T FORGET ABOUT ME with Flower Power
07. GONE
09. GOOD TIMES (Forty Four's 7" Mix)
17. YOU WON'T FORGET ABOUT Me (Afterlife Lounge Mix Edit)
18. I CAN'T SLEEP AT NIGHT (Afterlife Lounge Mix)

01. TOUCH ME LIKE THAT with Jason Nevins (Stonebridge Club Mix)
02. HE’S THE GREATEST DANCER (Shapeshifters Remix)
03. PERFECTION with Soul Seekerz (Seamus Haji & Paul Emmanuel Remix)
04. SO UNDER PRESSURE (Soul Seekerz Extended)
05. YOU WON’T FORGET ABOUT ME with Flower Power (Discode Club Mix)
06. I CAN’T SLEEP AT NIGHT (Kenny Hayes Sunshine Funk Mix)
07. TOUCH ME LIKE THAT with Jason Nevins (Space Cowboy Remix)
08. HE’S THE GREATEST DANCER (Riffs & Rays Remix)
09. PERFECTION with Soul Seekerz (Koishii & Hush Remix)
10. SO UNDER PRESSURE (Steve Pitron Remix)

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Matt Corby: Wedding Singer

They went to the same church in Adelaide and both went far in Australian Idol, now Guy Sebastian has personally selected Idol loser Matt Corby to sing at his wedding, when he weds longtime girlfriend Jules in the next month.

I'm sure the night will be filled with church hymns, and good on them, each to their own, at least they're not in your face about their religion. Although I still don't buy the fact that they're still virgins... come on, seriously!

My main concern is, I wonder if the Young Beavers are invited and whether they'll do what they did to poor Rikki Lee when she got married last year and never bother to turn up?

Kylie Minogue reveals Breast Cancer misdiagnosis

Australia's favourite pop princess Kylie Minogue speaks for the first time about being misdiagnosed with breast cancer in the leadup to the European leg of the 'Showgirl Tour' of 2005 and as a result went ahead with the tour under the assumption everything was fine.

Who Killed Sam Holden?

It's been no secret that I've always been a Neighbours girl, as opposed to Home and Away, however, this year I've gotten addicted to Home and Away, because lets face it, I think the whole of Australia wanted to find out who Milco really was. As a result, I'm now more addicted to Home and Away, than Neighbours and don't really find myself too distressed if I miss out on the latest going on in Erinsborough. The same can't be said for the latest happenings in Summer Bay, however, and even though I now know who/what Milco is and Sally has left- there's nothing I love than a good murder mystery!

So far there's the three main suspects...

- Jack Holden (the husband): OK, so his wife hid the guy who tried to kill Sally, lied about it, then when he tried to attack a couple of people, she belted him over the head with a cricket bat and then while he was lying in a hospital bed she poisoned him (I guess working in a hospital has its advantages). To make matters worse, Sam threatened to tell the police about how Jack stole evidence to protect his ex-wife Martha!. Did Sam forget that Jack IS a police officer? or is that the whole intent? to ruin his career?

- Martha McKenzie (the ex-wife): so it's blatently obvious Jack is still desperatly in love with Martha, and if I was Sam I'd be pretty pissed off to knowing my husband is still pining for his ex and probably thinks about her while we're having sex. And it's obvious that Martha still loves Jack as well... did she kill Sam in order to save herself? or is it to save the career of the man she truly loves?

- Jazz Curtis (the friend) so Jazz wanted to get into whats-his-face's pants and enlisted the help of Sam to make sure it happened. Of course it didn't happen and I'd be upset about that. Could Jazz be capable of killing someone for a couple of hundred bucks? Jazz strikes me as the kind of person who'd fret if she broke a nail, so I don't really see that happening!

The plot thickens, and to be honest I'm expecting this storyline to be a complete fizzer, but still it makes for fantastic viewing!

Tune into ch:7 tonight at 7pm to watch all the action on Home and Away!

Vanessa Amorosi is PERFECT!

This really should've been her comeback single, as opposed to 'Kiss Your Mama'. It's so radio friendly and I've heard it flogged to death here in Melbourne.

The video is quite sex too, especially the random stripping and rolling around in the sand!

So I demand each and everyone of you to check out websites/stores like and pick yourselves up a copy of Vanessa Amorosi's 'Perfect' !

Monday, April 7, 2008

Lara Bingle stops traffic- in more ways than one!

One now assumes Lara Bingle doesn't know how to fill up her petrol tank, after it was revealed in today's newspaper that her car ran out of petrol while driving along a busy Sydney road.

Things get better, as Lara rings fiance and Australian cricketer Michael 'Pup' Clarke to come and help her out. Clarke, 27, went to a petrol station and bought fuel and a jerry can and returned to the model's car to fill it up.

All the while Lara stood, watching with her arms folded and after the car still failed to start, she continued to stand here as poor Clarky had to push the 4-wheel drive down the middle of a busy road! At least this picture shows he was putting his cricketing training to good use and received a little help with some of the locals!
Witnesses claim Pup didn't look too happy, and afterwards, both were seen driving off in opposite directions.

Michael and Lara might be Australia's answer to Posh and Becks, but thankfully Posh has the brain capacity

Welcome to the Confessions of a Trashtastic Aussie Blog!

Well blogging seems to be all the rage, so I figure what better way to do a blog than taking the piss out of my favourite Australian celebrities! YAY!

For those who don't know me, my name is Natalie I'm 25 and I live in the land downunder. Melbourne to be exact!

I don't really know what else to add here, but hopefully you find the Australian celebs as trashy as I do, and if you're not from Australia, well I hope you enjoy reading all about them and fall in love with them like I have.

Nat xx