Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Where the hell have I been??

God, where do I begin? I've been so busy with other shit, I hate the fact I've neglected this blog.

So, I'll just try and sum up everything in point form.

- Sound Relief for the Bushfire Appeal raised $7million. Australian and international stars such as Kings of Leon and Coldplay took part in the duel concerts in Melbourne and Sydney.

- Former swimmer Grant Hackett and the fabulous Candice Alley have announced they're expecting twins. WOOHOO!

- Delta backed out of singing the national anthem at the Australian Grand Prix, claiming sickness only to be spotted later that night partying the night away. Hmmmm?

- New Idea issued an apology to Bec and Lleyton after they whinged and complained about some crappy article published in which it basically said that Bec was lonely and was having an affair with a mystery man. The mystery man turned out to be Bec's brother.

- Mel Gibson's wife filed for divorce.

- Former Hi-5'er Kellie got most of her gear off and posed for Ralph Magazine.

There's probably a lot more stuff that's happened, I just can't think of it off the top of my head at the moment.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Sound Aid - The Bushfire Relief Benefit Concert

There will be 2 concerts, in both Melbourne and Sydney on Saturday March 14th.

Kings of Leon have signed onto the Melbourne concert, while Coldplay will do Sydney. As well as, it will see Hunters and Collectors and Midnight Oil reform for the cause *squeal* (that's my inner bogan!)

Tickets will go on sale next Wednesday, March 4th at 9am via TICKETEK.

The lineup so far is the following, with more acts to be announced.

Augie March
Bliss N Eso with Paris Wells
Gabriella Cilmi
Hunters and Collectors
Kasey Chambers & Shane Nicholson with Troy Cassar-Daly
Jack Johnson
Kings of Leon
Liam Finn
Midnight Oil
Paul Kelly
Split Enz

Coldplay (acoustic)
Eskimo Joe
Hoodoo Gurus
Josh Pyke
Little Birdy
The Presets
You Am I

Sam The Koala

While the bushfires still rage throughout my beloved home state, it really hasn't made me feel like updating this blog. I think the whole of Victoria knows someone personally who's been caught up in the fires or knows someone who knows someone who's involved. Thankfully I don't know anyone personally who was caught in the fires, those I know who do live in that area had the common sense to flee and thankfully their house still stands, it's a shame the same can't be said for the 210 who have lost their lives and the thousands of homes that have been destroyed.

In what's been a pretty tragic couple of weeks for everyone, I look forward to the daily dose of Sam. For anyone who's been living under a rock, Sam is the world's most famous koala, and she rose to fame as the face of the animals who were injured during the bushfires. How can anyone's heart not melt with an image like this?

You can buy the above photo from The HERALD SUN ONLINE SHOP for $20AUD, all proceeds go to the CFA (Country Fire Authority). So far the pic has raised $30,000 and sold more than 15,000 copies, including 350 from overseas.

And while you're buying your Sammy pic, check out the Bushfire Appeal CD, a double CD with songs of hope and inspiration. Visit your local CD store to buy the CD, or you can buy online through JB Hi-Fi or Sanity.

Disc 1:
Bruce Springsteen - The Rising
Shannon Noll & Natalie Bassingthwaighte - Don't Give Up
Billy Joel - Honesty
Beyonce - Halo
Empire Of The Sun - Walking On A Dream
Midnight Oil - One Country
Lee Kernaghan - Spirit Of The Bush
Vanessa Amorosi - Shine
Hoodoo Gurus - Castles In The Air
John Butler Trio - Better Than
Jessica Mauboy - Time After Time
Justin Timberlake - Losing My Way
Eurythmics - Miracle Of Love
John Williamson - True Blue
Hunters & Collectors - Holy Grail
Wes Carr - You
Bill Withers - Lean On Me
Icehouse - Great Southern Land

Disc 2:

Living End - White Noise
Jimmy Barnes - Working Class Man
Powderfinger - These Days
Rose Tattoo - We Cant Be Beaten
Pete Murray - Saving Grace
John Farnham - You're The Voice
Men At Work - Down Under
Kasey Chambers - This Flower
Paul Kelly - Leaps & Bounds
Delta Goodrem - Believe Again
Anthony Callea - The Prayer
Whitney Houston - The Greatest Love Of All
Dido - Here With Me
Westlife - You Raise Me Up
Jennifer Rush - The Power Of Love
Newton Faulkner - Dream Catch Me
Noiseworks - Touch

Monday, February 9, 2009

Brian Naylor killed in Victorian Bushfires

I know this isn't a "trashy" post as somewhat, but feel the need to vent and express shock at the bushfires that are ravaging my beloved home state.

So far, the total of deaths at 9am on Monday Feb 9th is 108, this includes 4 children and former ch:9 newsreader Brian Naylor and his wife Moiree, whose bodies reportedly were found together on their Kinglake West property.

He's the first "big name" person to have died in the fires and it's believed there could be more. His death by no means takes away from the others who have died, but hopefully, with a big name profile (at least where Victoria is concerned) it can bring some kind of positive message and outcome for everyone.

I urge everyone to please donate to the Bushfire Appeal Fund, here's how you can help:

* Visit www.redcross.org.au
* Phone 1800 811 700
* Donate at any NAB, ANZ, Westpac or Commonwealth Bank branch
* Donate at any Bunnings store
* By direct deposit to the Victorian Bushfire Relief Fund - BSB 082-001, Account number 860-046-797 Myer Bushfire Appeal
* All proceeds to the Salvation Army. Donate at any Victorian Myer store

Monday, February 2, 2009

Delta Goodrem - Believe Again Tour Review

Sorry for lack of updates- had a blonde moment (well my brother did) and we went over the download limit for the month, which of course made the net seriously slow and made me utterly frustrated. As a result, I haven't had a chance to get around to writing a review/posting one.

Well I checked out the concert here in Melbourne a couple of weeks back and have to admit I was far more impressed with it than what I was expecting, considering the venue held like 5 people. Had fab seats, 5 rows from the front, right in the middle, couldn't get much better than that.

I do have to vent though, Delta fans utterly shit me, they're just so... I don't know... scary perhaps? freaks? morons? stalkers? Especially the fans off the Delta forum who seem to think that they're all BFF's with Delta, when in actual fact they're not. She should really tell some of them to piss off, otherwise I'm tempted to smack some of them in the face on Delta's behalf- especially that annoying bitch Tammy, who came down to the front during the interval looking for spare floor seats. Fuck off seriously and stop stalking Delta around the country. No one gives a shit that you're from Alice Springs or you have 497207 photos with Delta and that she knows your name. I don't need to see you strutting around like you're top shit either. That goes for all the freaks who swarmed Delta when she decided to come into the crowd. You don't ask Delta for photos in the middle of the song, don't pull out random things to be signed and don't start throwing yourselves at Delta and try and engage in conversation with her. OH! and for the love of god, don't come running down to the front to push in front!

OK... I think I have that rant out of my system.

First and foremost, I do think the smaller, intimate setting suited Delta a hell of a lot more than the arena, and for that I enjoyed this tour more than the 2005 "Visulise Tour"

The setlist as follows:

Believe Again
Innocent Eyes
In This Life
I Can't Break It To My Heart

Not Me, Not I
Out Of The Blue
Brave Face (which Delta didn't even really sing- see above comments about being mobbed by deluded fans)
Mistaken Identity
You Will Only Break My Heart/Billie Jean (yes a Michael Jackson cover, just the dance though, no singing)


Born To Try (featuring Delta on guitar)
That's Freedom (John Farnham cover)
Running Away

Queen of the Night (Whitney Houston cover)
Sweet Dreams (Eurithmics cover)
Do You Love Me? (Contours cover, duet with Brian McFadden)
Almost Here (duet with Brian McFadden)
Together We Are One/ One Day

Lost Without You
Believe Again (reprise)

Anyway, for me the main problem seemed to be a lack of focus and direction, sure it was a great concert and everything, but it felt like she was trying to do to much, cover too many bases and as a result it ended up in a hot mess. Queen of the Night and the Sweet Dreams/Predictable mashup was the definate highlight for me, not to mention the hilarious and craptastic dance breakdown during 'You Will Only Break My Heart', complete with the fabulous S2S as backup dancers/backing singers, which the videos I took on the night show:

You Will Only Break My Heart

Queen of the Night

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

2009 Trashtastic Calander Desktop Wallpapers!

I lead such an utterly boring life, that I've decided to make fabulous trashy desktop calander wallpapers for the 3 people who check out this blog on random occasions.

I'm up to April so far, and will continually upload the rest of them over the next couple of days.

So far we have:

January - Delta Goodrem
February - Dannii Minogue
March - Collete
April - Girlfriend





Heath Ledger win Golden Globe Award

Last night (well yesterday if you're Australian), Heath Ledger won the Golden Globe Award for "Best Actor in a Supporting Role" for his portrayal of the Joker in the Batman film 'The Dark Knight'

The award was accepted on behalf of Heath, by Chris Nolan, the director of 'The Dark Knight', which ended speculation over just who would accept the award.

You can view the speech below:

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Remembering: Angry Anderson and the Bat Mobile

Quite possibly the most memorable AFL halftime entertainment performance ever. This took place at the 1991 Grand Final out at Waverley Park, as the MCG was undergoing redevelopment. I really don't know where to begin, I think you just need to watch the video and see for yourself. Angry and Rob DeCastella sitting in the batmobile and wishing the Olympians good luck at the Barcelona Olympics in 1992 and good luck to Sydney in their bid for the 2000 Olympics.

It's after the speech has finished that the fun begins. The music starts,Angry takes the mic and screams out "MELBOURNE! LETS SHOW THE WORLD WHAT WE'RE MADE OF!... bound for glory!" If it's not the lack of singing ability by Angry it's the stunned and bewildered look on everyones faces at the performance. It's nice to see Rob DeCastella making an effort to rock out to Angry though. Shame the same can't be said for all the other athletes in their cars, people are either pissing themselves laughing, or looking like they'd rather be elsewhere. At least the Hawthorn and West Coast Eagles bogans rocked out to Angry like there was no tomorrow. "on this Saturday... we're... bound... for glory!"

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Bec and Lleyton on the cover of OK Magazine Australia

The Hewitts have graced the front cover of the latest issue of 'OK' Magazine here in Australia, showing off the latest addition to the family. Baby Cruz. I couldn't give a shit about Cruz to be honest, it's all about Mia. How utterly adorable does she look?

Anyway, they speak candidly about Bec's pregnancy and labour, their hopes and aspirations for Cruz (they want him to play AFL) and that Christina Aguilera was the inspiration between Cruz's name, NOT Posh and Becks.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Australian Television to look forward to in 2009

The ever reliable Herald Sun has compiled a list of new trashy TV shows to look forward to in 2009, complete with some golden oldies that will be returning this year. Shows set to return will include Australian Idol, Dancing With The Stars, So You Think You Can Dance and Sea Patrol among others. Freeview also kicks off this year with 15new digital TV channels, one of which will also be ch:10's 24hour sport channel. Bring on 2009 and trash TV galore!

Packed To The Rafters series 2, Seven Network
All cast members have signed up again including veterans Rebecca Gibney, Erik Thompson and Michael Caton. The series follows a married couple, Gibney and Thompson, who find themselves entwined in the lives of their three adult children.

Underbelly: A Tale of Two Cities, Nine Network
One of the most anticipated shows of the year. The second season is a prequel to the first hit series which told the stories of Melbourne's infamous gangland wars. The new series will follow the booming illegal heroin and marijuana trade of the 1970s and 1980s in Sydney and Melbourne.
It'll be based around the lives of two infamous drug lords, including Aussie Bob Trimbole, a marijuana and heroin dealer, played by Roy Billing. Trimbole was one of the country's most notorious gangsters and is believed to have organised the murder of Liberal politician and anti-drugs campaigner Donald Mackay in Griffith in 1977.

The other main character, to be played by Matthew Newton, will be Terry "Mr Asia" Clark, the head of a New Zealand drug syndicate, who was responsible for many deaths.

Masterchef Australia, Network Ten
Ten has high hopes for this reality TV series which will replace the long running axed Big Brother from May. Based on a British format, it will see amateur cooks compete to be crowned the country's 'masterchef'. The program will air six nights a week.

10 Years Younger in 10 Days, Seven Network
Hosted by Sonia Kruger, this show will aim to transform the appearance of couples. It'll look to update their grooming, fashion and beauty habits.

Project NEXT, ABC
Produced by respected talk show host Andrew Denton, the 10-part series will try to find the next bunch of original thinkers, movers, mischief makers and cage-rattlers. The program will then get them together to create an irreverent program about "serious things".

Australia's Hidden Genius, Network Ten
The program will give smart Australians the chance to turn around their lives.

Australian Ladette To Lady, Nine Network
The Australian version of this British makeover show will see a bunch of rough young Aussie women put through their paces at the UK's finest finishing school Eggleston Hall. The British version has been a ratings winner for Nine.

Recruits, Network Ten
This program will go behind the scenes as young men and women train to become cops at the NSW Police College in Goulburn. Ten has gained rare access into the college for this show to document the recruits' travels. It'll also follow fresh graduates on their first days on the beat.

Bondi Vet, Network Ten
Going behind the scenes of celebrity vet Dr Chris Brown's practice in Australia's famous beachside suburb of Bondi. It'll show him saving animals and blend in human interest stories.

Guerrilla Gardeners, Network Ten
Six young upbeat gardeners "with attitude'' will make over barren and concrete-filled spaces in Australian cities. Being touted as more entertaining than your average gardening show.

Undercover Boss, Network Ten
Bosses will go undercover working at the bottom levels of their companies. It will see them cleaning toilets, waiting and doing late shifts. During their undercover time they will seek to find a hard worker, a hidden talent.

Triple Zero Heroes, Seven Network
It will use original 000 emergency calls along with reconstructions and interviews to retell stories.

Local Heroes, Nine Network
This show will reunite and tell the stories of heroic Australians and the survivors they rescued.

Random Acts of Kindness, Nine Network
Karl Stefanovic, Scott Cam and Simmone Jade Mackinnon will host this feel-good show which will try to make dreams come true for "deserving'' Australians.

Missing Pieces, Nine Network
In much the same vein as rival Seven's Find My Family. this show will feature a team of experts tracking down missing family members.

Talkin' 'bout my Generation, Network Ten
This half-hour comedy panel show will pit generation against generation as they talk about a range of issues.

The Chaser's War On Everything, ABC
After a year off the screens, the Chaser boys - Andrew Hansen, Chas Licciardello, Julian Morrow, Craig Reucassel and Chris Taylor - will return for more laughs.

They'll have a new prime minister to poke fun at this time in the form of Kevin Rudd. Last time the boys were on the screens they created a storm for getting past security checks in a fake motorcade during APEC in Sydney.

Thank God You're Here, Seven Network
The comedy improvisation show is leaving Network Ten to air on its new home at Channel Seven. Shane Bourne will remain as host of the show, which features celebrities walking into an unknown situation and having to improvise. Seven has said they'll tweak the show, but no word yet on what that will entail.

John Safran's Race Relations, ABC
Controversial comedian Safran returns to the ABC for his globe trotting adventure. The eight part series will see Safran addressing controversial topics in his no-holds barred approach.

Toasted & Roasted, Nine Network
Australian celebrities toasting and roasting some big Australian names.

When I Grow Up, Nine Network
Hosted by Bert Newtown, the show will feature kids having fun.

Sunday Night, Seven Network
Seven's new current affairs program will go head to head with the popular 60 Minutes on Nine. Rumoured to be hosted by Natalie Barr. Reporters are yet to be announced.