Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Natalie Bassingthwaighte bids farewell to the Rogue Traders

This makes me sad as I LOVE the Rogue Traders. Anyway, Nat's pissing off to persue a solo career and try and make it big in America.

Hopefully, she won't be hosting any TV shows for awhile. Her performance as host of So You Think You Can Dance Australia was dismal and she needed a kick in the ass.

Personally, I'd love her to return to Neighbours! Afterall, who could forget the fabulous storyline, that led to this explosion!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

bronze statue of Nick Cave at Warracknabeal could rival the dog on the tuckerbox

A BIG bronze statue of Nick Cave might soon look down on Warracknabeal, just like the rock singer.

While mocking his birthplace as conservative and strangely lawless, Cave has long sought a statue.

The one he favours would show him bare-chested on a rearing stallion.

And after a new approach to the council, what seemed like a joke is gaining traction.

The council says it will look at the proposal and dares him to go the whole hog and build a 50m-high Nick Cave with a viewing platform.

Cave, famed for fronting seminal rock bands the Birthday Party and the Bad Seeds, has told a local paper he has already invited celebrity friends to the unveiling.

"Russell Crowe, my mate, has promised to attend," he told the Wimmera Mail Times by email. "Snoop Dogg, a rapper, says he'll come if they let him into the country.

"Kylie Minogue said she wouldn't miss it for the world; she even promised to wear her gold lame hotpants."

Yarriambiack Shire Mayor Andrew McLeod said the statue could be an added tourist attraction to the town.

Mr McLeod said the town, population 2600, had "a dry creek bed and a few dry lakes" for attractions.

He said the town wouldn't pay for a statue but "if he's internationally known, you'd say he'd be making more money than me".

Cave said the Warracknabeal statue would make Gundagai's Dog on the Tuckerbox pale by comparison.

He wants it on a roundabout, but the only one spare is earmarked for a statue of a dingo and her pups.

"I ask you, what could be more indigenous to Warracknabeal than me?" Cave complained to the paper. "I was bloody born there."

Shire chief executive Ray Campling said latest indications were that the Cave camp was serious.

"Why not go the full hog and erect a 50m statue of Nick riding a horse?" he said. "You could have a tourist information booth and people climbing up the horse's neck and viewing out of the nostrils."


Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Vanessa Amorosi hits the road for her 'Somewhere in the Real World' Tour!


This makes me very, very excited, as Vanessa's new album totally rocks! I just hope she pulls out all the stops and we get to see her rocking out to 'Absolutely Everybody', that'll totally make my night!

The dates are as follows, but check out for more details, like how to buy. I'll be rocking it at Ness Ness (as she's affectionatly known as, amongst certain people) next Friday night. Weeee!

Saturday 21 June 2008 Discovery, Darwin, NT
Thursday 26 June 2008 Regent Multiplex, Ballarat, VIC
Friday 27 June 2008 Trak Centre, Melbourne, VIC
Saturday 28 June 2008 Chelsea Heights Hotel, VIC
Wednesday 02 July 2008 Oxford Art Factory, Sydney, NSW
Thursday 03 July 2008 Rooty Hill, Sydney, NSW
Friday 04 July 2008 South Sydney Juniors, Sydney, NSW
Saturday 05 July 2008 Waves Nightclub, Wollongong, NSW
Sunday 06 July 2008 Southern Cross Club, Canberra, ACT
Tuesday 08 July 2008 The Troubador, Brisbane, QLD
Thursday 10 July 2008 Kedron Wavell, Brisbane, QLD
Friday 11 July 2008 The Sands Tavern, Sunshine Coast, QLD
Saturday 12 July 2008 Twin Towns, QLD
Sunday 13 July 2008 Coffs Harbour Ex-Services Club, QLD
Wednesday 16 July 2008 Orange Ex Services Club
Thursday 17 July 2008 World Youth Day Concert, The Rocks, Sydney, NSW
Friday 18 July 2008 Revesby Workers Club, Sydney, NSW
Saturday 19 July 2008 Doyalson RSL, Doyalson, NSW
Tuesday 22 July 2008 The Gov, Adelaide, SA
Thursday 24 July 2008 Inferno Nightclub, Traralgon, VIC
Friday 25 July 2008 Hotel Shoppingtown, Melbourne, VIC
Saturday 26 July 2008 Ferntree Gully Hotel, Melbourne, VIC
Sunday 27 July 2008 Hallam Hotel, Melbourne, VIC

I also youtubed Vanessa's support act, because I've never heard of him. He's hot. Enough said. *drool*, but apart from that he's brilliant, will have to see if I can track down a CD or something.

Eddie's latest TV FLOP!

CHANNEL Nine's attempt to resurrect Eddie McGuire as the nation's premier TV game show host has come a cropper. Find out what happened here

Channel Nine's attempt to resurrect Eddie McGuire as the nation's premier TV game show host has come a cropper. Badly.

The McGuire-hosted 1 v 100 has failed miserably, with the game show pulled from its Friday evening timeslot after just two episodes.

The program was shown in Melbourne, while Sydney and Brisbane have the NRL on in that timeslot.

Nine had little choice but to yank the game-show from its schedule when it attracted just 199,000 viewers in his hometown of Melbourne last Friday.

It will be replaced with back-to-back Motorway Patrol - a New Zealand reality series about highways.

Nine had hoped to use 1 v 100, which has been on hiatus since 2007, to spearhead its bid to erode Channel 7's Friday night dominance.

But the game show was belted by Better Homes and Gardens, Seven's highest rating program of the week, with 408,000.

"It was only there to fill a hole," McGuire said of 1 v 100.

"We didn't do any publicity for it. It went as well as you could expect."

With 1 v 100 on the scrap heap and his week-long stint filling in for Tracy Grimshaw on A Current Affair over, McGuire said his next step would "all be announced in good time".

He laughed off rumours that he was leaving Nine to take over from Daryl Somers as host of Dancing With the Stars on rival network Seven.

"It's not what you would expect a Channel 9 person to be doing is it?" he said.

"Unless it was coming to Channel 9 I can't see that happening.

"I am not doing Big Brother either, so let's get that out of the way."

He said he would not be returning to host the AFL version of The Footy Show, as some had suggested.

"It already has two hosts and the only person missing at the moment is Sam (Newman) and I can't see myself doing that," he said.

1 v 100 is the latest in a long line of new game shows to flounder on commercial television in recent years.

The Power of 10, also on Nine, was axed after just two episodes. The Rich List, fronted by Andrew O'Keefe on Seven was pulled from Saturday nights when it didn't rate and much-hyped National Bingo Night was a flop. Ten's ConTest hosted by Andrew G was also a failure.


Tuesday, June 17, 2008

APRA Award Winners 2008

Song of the year: Straight Lines by Silverchair

Songwriter of the year: Daniel Johns

Breakthrough songwriter of the year: Sally Seltmann

Most played Australian work: Straight Lines by Silverchair

Dance work of the year: In Love Again by Rogue Traders

Urban work of the year: In The Basement by Jade MacRae

Country work of the year: Everything's Going to be Alright by Troy Cassar-Daley

Blues and roots work of the year: Good Excuse by The John Butler Trio

Most played Australian work overseas: Woman by Wolfmother

Jazz work of the year: Eucalypso by The Moovin' and Groovin' Orchestra

Ted Albert Award for outstanding services to Australian music: Roger Davies

Delta's bizarre sign of affection

It brings new meaning to a Love Spat, but Delta Goodrem and Brian McFadden revealed on Austereo this morning that they spit in each other’s faces as a sign of affection.
I’ll let that sink in for moment.

What started as a call-in segment about whether it is ever appropriate to spit in the street, ended shattering the wholesome image of Our Delta.

As the Adelaide morning crew merrily chatted and took calls about how gross public spitting is, guest Brian McFadden offered up his own story.

When he and Delta were courting and driving through Europe, they had a spitting game.

Delta would start it by casually lobbing a small load of spittle on Brian’s face. He’d return fire and the game would escalate until they were covered in phlegm.

“It was a sign of affection,” he told listeners.

Obviously someone in the morning crew thought this was just too far out, so they called Delta.

Yup, she giggled and confirmed the story. Oh the laughs. It was their very own quirky way of showing affection to one another.

Hear the audio of Delta and Brian talking about their affectionate gobbing at each other. (Biggest Loser fans note the familiar lisp of Cosi.)

Sure they still had the ‘sweetie’ and ‘darling’ and ‘honey’ and were laying it on during the phone exchange, but nothing topped the beatific image of Our Delta with a face full of gob.

Maybe I’m a bit squeamish. I shudder when I see people sucking each others face in public. A kiss is fine, sure, but when I see a couple on a train working their tongues, I just feel a bit Sunday Morning.

Then again, I don’t like hearing people’s little terms of endearment either. A colleague of mine broke off his engagement when his fiancĂ© persisted with the schnookums and constant name rhyming in a baby voice. He went up in my estimation after that.

I’ll leave the question of whether Delta and Brian’s sign of affection has merit, but also seek any other revolting signs of affection between couples that makes you want to hose them.


I'm stepping out in my deadly red shoes

Stylin up coz I'm wearing something new.

Sorry for the lack of updates, to be honest I haven't really been bovvered. Anyway, a couple of weeks back I hauled my ass down to some place in Hawthorn to check out the joint Deni Hines/ Christine Anu gig. I've never been so excited in my entire life. I think I got a bit moist. Both girls are beyond fabulous and I just wanted to share the pics I got with Deni (who remembered me from last time she performed there) and Christine Anu, which despite popular belief is lovely!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Tania Zaetta wins public apology over sex claims

DEFENCE chiefs have issued a humiliating apology to entertainer Tania Zaetta after rumours were spread that she had sex with Diggers during a goodwill tour.

Both the chief of defence, Air Chief Marshal Angus Houston, and Defence Secretary Nick Warner admitted that the organisation had mismanaged the controversy.

It began when a memo that contained sex claims was distributed to 96 people.

It was recalled four minutes later and the names removed.

Ms Zaetta has emphatically denied the rumours.

Rocker Angry Anderson, who was also on tour, has flatly denied claims he was the source of the allegations or that he had any knowledge of them. "I don't know where that came from," he told the Herald Sun last month.

A government source said the allegations had been made to Lt-Col Greg McCauley, who was commanding officer of the tour, and he is said to have immediately reported them.

During Senate Estimates hearings in Canberra yesterday, the head of defence public affairs, Brigadier Andrew Nikolic, admitted that the brief was distributed to more than 90 people.

Air Chief Marshal Houston told the hearing he was "absolutely appalled" by the scandal.

"I will obviously apologise and express my deep regret about any hurt she has suffered," he said.

"It was not well handled by us. I was absolutely appalled that the names were put out . . . and I regret the whole thing," he said.