Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Happy 40th Birthday Miss Kylie Minogue!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Tania Zaetta refuses 'sex with troops' allagations

Aussie Entertainer Tania Zaetta is under investigation by the Defence Department after an accusation that she had sex with Australian Soldiers during a 17-day concert tour of an Australian base in Iraq. Zaetta, also a Bollywood actress and former co-host of 90’s TV show Who Dares Wins, has strongly denied the allegations, calling them “hurtful and ridiculous”.

In promoting the tour, Zaetta is quoted as saying “I’m single at the moment, and there has been a lot of teasing that I am going into a very male dominated place where they haven’t seen girls for a long time.”

But of the accusations labelled in the Defence brief the star told News Limited, “That is the most ridiculous story I’ve ever heard about my life – and I’ve heard plenty over the years in this industry”.

She added, “it takes the cake. I’ve just done this most amazing life-changing experience, been to the most unbelievable places and for this to be said, it’s very hurtful.”

The Defence Department faces further embarrassment over the issue after it was revealed that they broke privacy rules by naming the Aussie star in their high level brief to Defence Minister Joel Fitzgibbon. The brief document included an unsubstantiated claim that the star had sex with special forces officers during the tour of the Australian Base in Tarin Kowt, and that the claim was apparently made by another Aussie touring with her, Angry Anderson.

According to News Limited, the Aussie rocker has denied making the sex allegations, saying that he was not “personal or petty dislikes, particularly when it could hamper or have a detrimental effect on a tour.” He went on to say while he doesn’t know Zaetta very well, as far as he was concerned, she “conducted herself in a very professional manner.”

The Defence Department says that tour personnel were briefed on its no fraternisation policy prior to the tour and it’s investigations will seek statements from all those involved.


Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Vanessa Amorosi - Rocking it with Melbourne's Underworld

VANESSA Amorosi could be Melbourne's own Frank Sinatra - a favourite performer of the mob - as The Shine songbird revealed she's sung at many underworld parties.

She performed at the $150,000 christening of convicted murderer Carl Williams and ex-wife Roberta Williams' daughter, Dhakota, at Crown five years ago.

"It was absolutely amazing," she told Nova radio yesterday.

"They had a room in the casino all done up.

"I remember at some point in the night during the show thinking no one will get up and dance and if I start singin' bad I'm just gonna get shot."

For Amorosi, who's most recent gangland gig was another christening on a boat cruise on the Yarra, it seems it's good being married to the mob.

"They spoil me rotten - I love it," she said. "They're the only clients that want you to eat and give you wine and are constantly catering and looking after you.

"I'm not used to this in showbiz. Usually it's like Amorosi and the band are here, take them to that room, get rid of them, hide them."

But Amorosi admits the arrangement could be up with only one bad performance.

"I was like, 'Let's make sure it's a killer show, guys, or it could be a killer ending'," she joked.


Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Daryl Sommers steals DWTS Logie

Daryl Somers has reportedly kept the Logie awarded to Dancing With The Stars as a souvenir, much to the horror of Channel Seven who fear they will never get it back.

Somers gladly accepted the award for most popular reality program, despite quitting the show in November last year.

He has since taken the silver trophy home — and his former employer Channel Seven fear he might hold onto it for good, News Ltd reports.

Somers sensationally quit the hit show after seven seasons last year, claiming he needed a change of direction.

He has already won three Gold Logies, and a multitude of silvers, in his 37 years of television.

Meanwhile, Stephen Curry has reportedly lost his own Logie after a night of celebratory partying.

Curry, who claimed the most outstanding actor award for his role as Graham Kennedy in The King, reportedly lost his statue at a private party in a hotel room and is yet to recover it.


Monday, May 5, 2008

Logie Award winners

Gold Logie - Most Popular Personality on TV:
Kate Ritchie (Home and Away)

Silver Logie - Most Popular Actress:
Kate Ritchie (Home and Away)

Silver Logie - Most Popular Actor:
Chris Lilley (Summer Heights High)

Most Popular Light Entertainment Program:
Kath & Kim

Most Popular Presenter:
Rove McManus (Rove / Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader?)

Most Popular Sports Program:
The Footy Show AFL

Most Popular New Female Talent:
Bindi Irwin (The Jungle Girl)

Most Popular New Male Talent:
Lincoln Lewis (Home and Away)

Most Popular Reality Program:
Dancing With The Stars

Most Popular Factual Program:
Bondi Rescue

Most Popular Lifestyle Program:
Better Homes and Gardens

Most Popular Australian Drama:
Home And Away

Silver Logie - Most Outstanding Drama Series, Miniseries or Telemovie:

Silver Logie - Most Outstanding Actor:
Stephen Curry (The King)

Silver Logie - Most Outstanding Actress:
Alison Whyte (Satisfaction)

Most Outstanding News Coverage:
Garuda Plane Crash

Most Outstanding Public Affairs Report:
Some Meaning In This Life: Belinda Emmett

Most Outstanding Documentary:
Constructing Australia: The Bridge

Most Outstanding Factual Series:
Choir of Hard Knocks

Most Outstanding Comedy Program:
Summer Heights High

Most Outstanding Sports Coverage:
Supercheap Auto Bathurst 1000

Most Outstanding Children's Program:
Lockie Leonard

Graham Kennedy Award for Most Outstanding New Talent:
Tammy Clarkson (The Circuit)

Hall of Fame:
John Clarke

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Speaking of Minogues- I demand you all go out and buy Dannii's Club Disco

Show some support for Disco!

Disc 1
1. Touch Me Like That With Jason Nevins
2. Feel Like I Do ( Jca Remix )
3. Perfection ( Extended Mix ) With Soul Seekerz
4. You Wont Forget About Me ( Radio Edit ) With Flower Power
5. Love Fight
6. I'm Sorry
7. Gone
8. So Under Pressure ( Album Version )
9. Good Times ( Fouty Fours 7" Mix )
10. Sunrise
11. He's The Greatest Dancer ( Lmc Radio Edit )
12. I Can't Sleep At Night
13. I Will Come To You
14. I've Been Waiting For You
15. Round The World
16. Xanadu
17. You Wont Forget About Me ( Afterlife Lounge Mix Edit )
18. I Can't Sleep At Night ( Afterlife Lounge Mix )

Disc 2
1. Touch Me Like That ( Stonebridge Club Mix ) With Jason Nevins
2. He's The Greatest Dancer ( Shapeshifters Remix )
3. Perfection ( Seamus Haji & Paul Emmanuel Remix ) With Soul Seekerz
4. So Under Pressure ( Soul Seekerz Extended )
5. You Won't Forget About Me ( Discode Club Mix ) With Flower Power
6. I Can't Sleep At Night ( Kenny Hayes Sunshine Funk Mix )
7. Touch Me Like That ( Space Cowboy Mix ) With Jason Nevins
8. He's The Greatest Dancer ( Riff & Rays Remix )
9. Perfection ( Koishii & Hush Remix )

Kylie chucks in the towel on cracking the American market

In Europe and Australia, Kylie's seen as pop royalty, she's sold millions of albums, and a career in the entertainment industry spanning more than 20 years. Even so, it seems like none of this is good enough for the Americans. Countless TV interviews and performances, Kylie's latest album still only managed to sell 6000 copies. A massive flop, something Kylie is not used to, especially considering it stalled at 139 on the Billboard charts.

Seems now, there's nothing left to do but for Kylie to focus on her Kylie X 2008 World Tour, in which she snubs her home country of Australia.

It is nice to know that while Kylie is prepared to snub her home country, Dannii's back in OZ making the most of it. Could this be the end of Kylie and the rise of Dannii? As much as I love me some Kylie I've been utterly dissapointed with the whole X-era. I've been more excited than a shitty album of recycled Dannii tracks and mixes than I am about an album full of new stuff from Kylie. If only Dannii could have some of the chart $ucce$$ that Kylie's had over the years :(

Friday, May 2, 2008

Jess from the Veronicas, does she like a bit of lesbian action?

Or is she just jealous that twin sister Lisa hogged the limelight without her this week, as she announced her engagement to former Australian Idol, turned Neighbours hottie Dean Geyer?

Jess has caused a scene this week at the Sydney fashion festival snuggling up to lestastic MTV host Ruby Rose. It's not the first time either, the pair caused a scene earlier in the year at some other function where they both made out in the corner. According to reports, once the girls noticed they were being watched they put on more of a show. I hope there were chants of "we love lesbians" Jerry Springer style.

While yes, I'm glad that Ruby is out and proud regarding her sexuality, and whether Jess swings both ways is irrelivent, Ruby has revealed she's in a relationship (although her gf's parents don't know because her gf's parents don't even know she's a lesbian) and Jess is going out with I forget who he is, some guy in a band, the point is both girls are in a relationship and if they're interested in each other, then perhaps they should breakup with their respective partners, otherwise, engage in a fullon orgie and everyone will be happy.

who the fuck allowed Corey Delaney to son-rape the Beastie Boys?

I mean seriously. You've got to be joking! Words can't describe my utter disgust at this. I'm speechless. A classic song, like this turned into some shitty doof-doof piece of shit that the 18yo's who've just gotten their P's are going to have playing full-blast in their car on a Saturday night cruising up and down Chapel St, trying to pick up some poor girl with their "hey check me out, I'm like so cool!"

I want to punch Corey, seriously. I hope someone re-arranges his face next week when he goes into the Big Brother house as an intruder.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Naomi Robson set for TV comeback

YAY for Naomi!

I so can't wait to see this. Naomi will be returning to our screens on May 18th, hosting/narrating the new TV show Surf Patrol on ch:7. No idea what time this is as of yet, but considering it's a Sunday night, perhaps it will follow Gladiators?

Either way, I'm expecting this to be car-crash TV, as Naomi attempts to convince us that she's this sweet and caring person, and seriously who wouldn't believe her with quotes like this!

"I love the beach but am scared of deep water,'' she said.

"I remember being at Sorrento back beach when I was a kid and there were no flags out. I was at the water's edge and this freak wave came out of nowhere and dragged me into the water and my whole family had to jump into the water to get me. I was absolutely terrified.

"It reminds you how lucky we are to have surf lifesavers. They protect and look after us and are real heroes."

In the meantime, lets all appreciate one of my favourite Nomi moments.

The Return of Australia's Got Talent

Tuesday marked the return of Australia's Got Talent, and I must admit it was wonderful to have the fabulous Dannii back on our screens on a more somewhat permanant basis, as opposed to shoddy performances of Xanadu on It Takes Two (even if she did look fabulous)

Anyway, the point is that Dannii is back on our television screens and I hope everyone's tuning in.

Nikki Webster's dummy spit

OLYMPICS darling Nikki Webster has thrown a massive on-air wobbly at the wrong radio duo for sending up her rent-a-crowd 21st birthday party.

The former child star blasted Triple M's Wil Anderson and Anthony Lehmann, but their drive-time rivals, Hamish Blake and Andy Lee, should have been on the receiving end of the tantie.

Webster rang a confused Anderson and Lehmo on Tuesday to complain.

"So you thought you'd take the p--- the whole afternoon," she said.

"I was driving along and I thought, 'Oh my God, they're talking about me'. I'm kind of flattered that you're trying to find someone for my birthday."

Anderson replied: "This is a bit awkward, a bit weird. We'll have to sort this out off air."

Webster came of age yesterday, but is celebrating tomorrow night with a bash in conjunction with OK!.

The glossy mag has sent out invitations to talent managers Australia-wide asking if any of their clients would like to attend the event.

On Tuesday, Lee and Blake challenged each other to see who could lure the best guest with a fictional $1000 appearance fee.

Posing as PR reps, Blake secured the services of reality TV pin-up Krystal Forscutt through her agent Harry M. Miller, while Lee locked in rocker Jimmy Barnes via his management, IMG.

"Jimmy Barnes is in Thailand as well, so you know," the popette ranted.

"He was going to come, but thanks for doing my dirty work for me."

The penny dropped when Webster said her party conflicted with Friday's Logies Spit Roast - an event held each year by Blake and Lee.

Seeing her error, Webster updated her Facebook status later in the day: "Nikki can't believe Hamish and Andy spent a whole segment on the show trying to find people for my party."