Monday, February 2, 2009

Delta Goodrem - Believe Again Tour Review

Sorry for lack of updates- had a blonde moment (well my brother did) and we went over the download limit for the month, which of course made the net seriously slow and made me utterly frustrated. As a result, I haven't had a chance to get around to writing a review/posting one.

Well I checked out the concert here in Melbourne a couple of weeks back and have to admit I was far more impressed with it than what I was expecting, considering the venue held like 5 people. Had fab seats, 5 rows from the front, right in the middle, couldn't get much better than that.

I do have to vent though, Delta fans utterly shit me, they're just so... I don't know... scary perhaps? freaks? morons? stalkers? Especially the fans off the Delta forum who seem to think that they're all BFF's with Delta, when in actual fact they're not. She should really tell some of them to piss off, otherwise I'm tempted to smack some of them in the face on Delta's behalf- especially that annoying bitch Tammy, who came down to the front during the interval looking for spare floor seats. Fuck off seriously and stop stalking Delta around the country. No one gives a shit that you're from Alice Springs or you have 497207 photos with Delta and that she knows your name. I don't need to see you strutting around like you're top shit either. That goes for all the freaks who swarmed Delta when she decided to come into the crowd. You don't ask Delta for photos in the middle of the song, don't pull out random things to be signed and don't start throwing yourselves at Delta and try and engage in conversation with her. OH! and for the love of god, don't come running down to the front to push in front!

OK... I think I have that rant out of my system.

First and foremost, I do think the smaller, intimate setting suited Delta a hell of a lot more than the arena, and for that I enjoyed this tour more than the 2005 "Visulise Tour"

The setlist as follows:

Believe Again
Innocent Eyes
In This Life
I Can't Break It To My Heart

Not Me, Not I
Out Of The Blue
Brave Face (which Delta didn't even really sing- see above comments about being mobbed by deluded fans)
Mistaken Identity
You Will Only Break My Heart/Billie Jean (yes a Michael Jackson cover, just the dance though, no singing)


Born To Try (featuring Delta on guitar)
That's Freedom (John Farnham cover)
Running Away

Queen of the Night (Whitney Houston cover)
Sweet Dreams (Eurithmics cover)
Do You Love Me? (Contours cover, duet with Brian McFadden)
Almost Here (duet with Brian McFadden)
Together We Are One/ One Day

Lost Without You
Believe Again (reprise)

Anyway, for me the main problem seemed to be a lack of focus and direction, sure it was a great concert and everything, but it felt like she was trying to do to much, cover too many bases and as a result it ended up in a hot mess. Queen of the Night and the Sweet Dreams/Predictable mashup was the definate highlight for me, not to mention the hilarious and craptastic dance breakdown during 'You Will Only Break My Heart', complete with the fabulous S2S as backup dancers/backing singers, which the videos I took on the night show:

You Will Only Break My Heart

Queen of the Night


tammy said...

Hi :)

Just thought I'd better clear up something. I wasn't going down into the audience during interval to try and find spare seats at all. I came down to say hello to a friend from NZ who I hadn't seen yet.

I had good seats to other shows so I was very happy to see the show from the second level. Different view point and all that.

I dont know you, and you dont know me so abusing me in a blog is pretty bad form.

And I definately dont think I'm top shit, and I dont strut (wouldnt even know how to!).

Tam x

Mike said...

The concert sounds like a trip to hell, Natty. I think you should have slapped Dulta's ugly cuntface for indulging these mentally challenged "fans".

Oh and poor S2S. How low they have sunk...

Jay said...

DUllta is a SLUT and her fans are even more deranged than the Droids! Only an utter fuckwit would try to get someone to sign stuff and have a conversation in the middle of a concert! Retards. And that Tammy needs to take her floral dresses back to Alice and fall down a mineshaft.

Trashtastic Aussie said...

OK, so which friend is playing funny buggers pretending to be Tammy?

Anyway, if that really is indeed the real Tammy, I'm sure you are a nice person, but what I've witnessed for myself and have been told by friends who do indeed post on the Delta forum, it would suggest otherwise.

Anyway, correct me if I'm wrong but did I not overhear some poor guy trying to make conversation with you while waiting for Delta after the concert, and you basically shot him down and was like "yeah, I've already been before" and turn your back on him? I apologise if I'm wrong, but if what I'm witnessing myself and have been told by people who post on the Delta forum and actually know you personally and have met you(and believe me, some of these people I'd trust my life with, they know who they are) then maybe you should reconsider how you talk to people- because you do have a name for yourself, and unfortunatly it's not a nice name.

Anyway, hope you enjoyed the tour and hope you didn't deprive too many people of front row centre tickets, especially people who have never had the priverlage to be down the front at a Delta concert.

Toodles! x

tammy said...

It really is Tammy.

Look honestly, I dont remember that at all? Before you say I'm lying or trying to deny it or something, if anything like that did happen I certainly didn't mean to come across in that way. Usually I'm talking to heaps of people at these things and maybe I was in the middle of talking to lots of people at once. I have no idea, as I said I honestly dont remember.

It's probably not fair to judge me for something that must've been unintentional. Despite what you think I really do love just chatting to people and having a good time.

I'm really sorry you evidently hate me so much, but I dont think you're being very fair. You don't know me personally and I dont know you. And even though you've slandered me on the internet I still dont have bad feelings toward you because as far as I know you could be a really nice person.

I'm not perfect and never will be (I dislike myself far more then anyone else could dislike me) but I can put my hand on my heart and say I truely try my best to be a good person.

I find it highly unfair that I have this "bad name" because I have never intentionally been horrible to anyone in my life.

As for the front row centre thing, I had front row once and that was purely just luck with the ticketing website. It's not like I was sitting there going "I hope I get front row to deprive others"... thats crazy!

Anyway, I really hope we can put this all behind us. I'm sure you're a lovely person and I hope next time we can meet.

I know I'm a delta fan, but I'm just a person first and foremost.

bye x

Luke said...

Why dont you get off your fat ass out of your computer chair and instead of blogging try walking ay? Your silly little site FAILZ.

Trashtastic Aussie said...

Tammy, I've got a bad name for myself to, so wouldn't worry about it! I'm sure you are lovely and nice person, but yeah maybe sometimes actions speak louder than words and maybe it is unintentional, but at least it's done now and I can apologise if you were offended. If I took offence to every bad thing that was written about me on the internet, I'd have a lawsuit from here to Sydney ;) Just roll with it!

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