Thursday, January 1, 2009

Top Trashtastic Aussie singles for 2008

01. Vanessa Amorosi - Perfect 'Ness Ness' made a spectacular comeback early this year with a rockesque type ballad in 'Perfect'. The song was flogged on radio, which just prompted me to turn the radio up louder and sing along in the car. Also was lucky enough to see Vanessa live earlier in the year and she brought the house down.

02. Dannii Minogue - Touch Me Like That Poor Dannii, the girl just can't win. I don't know what's wrong with Australians and their lack in support for 'Superior Minogue'. People should've just bought the single for the sole purpose of knowing that Dannii and lipstick lesbians writher around in latex! Jokes aside, the song is a killer dance track and Dannii deserves more recognition!

03. Axle Whitehead - I Don't Do Suprises I'm kind of suprised I have Axle so high up, but just listening to the song is WOW, I'm so glad he whipped his cock out at the ARIA's a few years ago so he could return to music. I wasn't his biggest fan on Idol... sure he was ok, but I wanted Shannon to win oh so desperatly. Anyway, I recommend people check out this underated gem.

04. Jessica Maoboy featuring Flo Rida - Runnin Back Does anyone even actually know how "Baby Jess" managed to score a rent-a-rapper from America on her single? Either way, the result was orgasmic and 'Baby Jess' has come along way since being runner-up on Idol a few years back.

05. Delta Goodrem - Edge of Seventeen OK OK OK I know this wasn't a single and technically was the I-tunes Bside to 'I Can't Break It To My Heart' but I still love it anyway. A cover of the Stevie Nicks track, intertwined into a medley of Delta tracks, including 'Believe Again', 'Innocent Eyes' and 'I Don't Care'

06. Kylie Minogue - The One X was a pretty crap album overall and stuff, but I think that 'The One' was by far the best single that Kylie released off a shithouse album. It's a shame, because live the tracks from X translate really well.

07. Sneaky Sound System - Kansas City It's no match for 'UFO', but the song still goes off. Make sure you check out the video in which the fabulous Miss Connie features as a puppet version of Dorothy from 'The Wizard of OZ'

08. Melissa Tkautz - I Want Your Love This is just pure trashy fun at it's best, shame the video was utter shithouse.

09. Rogue Traders - What You're On I'm still asking myself what Nat Bass is on now that she's buggered off and left the Rogue Traders... she'll be back within a few years after her solo career flops in spectacular style.

10. The Veronicas - Take Me On The Floor The Veronicas can do no wrong and the only reason why I went for this over 'Untouched' is for the fact that the song featured in ch:7's adverts promoting the latest season of 'Dancing With The Stars'. There's something spectacular about watching Toni Pearen strutting herself down a corridor somewhere within the ch:7 buildings to The Veronicas


Mike said...

A truly stunning list!

Jay said...

How can you include that a-DULLta-ress SLUT!

Trashtastic Aussie said...

Sorry Jay! I like it, it's a really good remix :( I think it's more to do with that's when I got to witness first hand poor Christine and Sharon Muscat, better known as S2S being reduced to backing singers for Delta! Besides, the whole Delta performance signifies me meeting Mike the day after and getting drunk with him! Although, associating Delta with Mike is probably a bad thing :(